Techniques, Equipment, Transformations & Embodiments


Shooting Star : An explosive blast of celestial energy that is focused on the target.(x2 preparations)

Little Angel : A magical invoking of lightning on a focused target.(x1 preparation)

Straight Shooter : Also referred to as the “Quick Kill”, Straight Shooter is when he fires a quick-draw beam of celestial energy to put down arrogant opponents. It’s rare to see this.(quickdraw)

Electric Land : Invoked by magic, the field is struck repeatedly by lightning.(x2 preparations)

Silver, Blue, & Gold : A culmination of quintessence, aether and spiritual energy used as a focused bomb.(x2 preparations)

Burnin’ Sky : An onslaught of energy blasts that descends from above.(x1 preparation)

Rock Steady : A forceful hammering of his presence against the area either through oscillation of his aura or the emanations of inner prowess.(quickdraw)

Rough Diamonds : The technique in which he crafted after seeing Corban Saezer use his unique skill called “Million Carat” in a skirmish with him. Made entirely to honor him, it is a psychokinetic manufacturing of bonded carbon that is unleashed in a barrage of shooting diamonds.(quickdraw)

Shadow Step : A dark form of teleportation; the process of moving through empty-space seamlessly and without the constriction of tangibility.(quickdraw)

Shadow Waltz : The dance of death. A repeated use of Shadow Stepping often occurring with melee tactic.(x1 preparation)

Ebon Lancer : Commanding empty-space,‭ he‬ can solidify and form it,‭ ‬giving it a murderous lance shape.(quickdraw)

Crimson Lancer : Energy channeled from the cursed depths of himself, he can shape and solidify energy of a negative karmic value.(quickdraw)

Ivory Lancer : Channeling positive karmic energy, he can shape and project a lance of celestial energy.(quickdraw)

Falling Star : A literal summoning of a star smashed into the area.(x3 preparations)



Xetaken-R: A monomolecular sword crafted in the image of a katana, though most X.E.T.A’s modify their Xetaken. This is the equivalent to a soldier and their gun. It is often handled so much the weapon becomes an extension of themselves.

Blade Set: Different shaped blades hidden on his person, the count has never been determined and some of them are known to be as sharp as his Xetaken.

Death: An old six-gun rarely seen or used.

X.E.T.A Tactical Gear: From his head to his feet, he is decked out in gear made for his kind. This is how he originally looks. Everything he wears is substantially equipped for battle, from the flex-fit mobility to the technologically advanced threaded durability.

Psychomask: A faceless white mask with two holes for eyes.

Ruinhart: A long sword having yet to be seen.

Angel Slayer: His primary weapon, the blade of Da’ath; Slayer of Angels. This weapon was crafted to slay celestials and was prophesied to be wielded by Raikenzu to create terrible destruction in the Multiverse. Choosing his own path, he denied the overlord of the void, and reined control over the deathly blade. It often looks like a katana or rapier, though it’s shape can vary.



Hyper-X.E.T.A: Also known as metabody synchronization, aligning the mind, senses, and body causes the X.E.T.A to reach the pinnacle of their material form. This is considered a transformation while retaining the prior preparations. Aesthetic effects can be detailed like multi-tiered aurorae, lifted hair, and rolling energy, but are not necessary. Mind power, awareness, and bodily ability are tripled.

Adamancy: Another synchronization of the metabodies, this time adding the spirit/soul to the equation causing a transformation on the cosmic scale.

Psychomasker: Wearing the Psychomask causes the curse he harbors to become fiercely active, consuming his reasoning and causing his thought process to indulge in instinctual murder. This transformation is more of an indulgence into a suppressed part of himself that pulls from his unstable creation and the insanity that came with it. He is known to use Angel Slayer while enacting this method, but a deeper involvement into the Psychomask's origins can cause the Griever to appear.



Griever: The mantle of the Harlequin Coven originating from Meme herself. He lived through two lives of this legacy, first one of a soldier, the second of their king. Since an age ago he has carried the curse of having a day-dead-old corpse to inhabit; his vessel suspended in the agelessness of the macabre to be preserved in death. When he was taken by his to be Mistress named Key, he was enslaved to the perverse and efficient ways of those deemed unholy. Key was a chosen of Meme, the mother of this vile yet beautiful gift, and through Key he gained a fond recognition of the originator that let him part without conflict. Through trials he has come to segregate his karmic values, in which allows him to harness this evil side of himself under a strict containment. If left unrestrained, the Griever can embody itself and take complete control over his lesser existence. It depicts it’s embodiment as a gleaming figure in the colors of fire with black eyes and a jagged hollow maw. There is a ritual that coincides with the Griever embodiment. The Psychomask and Ruinhart must be present in order for the embodiment to be complete.

Voidmancer: Commander of the three shades; darkness, emptiness and nothingness. The knight of the abyss and Da’ath, the Voidmancer embodiment is the void personified. Only Raikenzu and his father Ein Graves are known to become the Voidmancer. Angel Slayer equipped to either when the embodiment is active causes a perfected form, allowing them to harness greater power and ability known as Voidmancy. Raikenzu is able, most of the time, to control the immense change, yet is known to lose control on occasion when certain people or elements are involved. The only reason he can become the embodiment is because he is the offspring of Ein Graves, revealing it is an inherited ability passed on from father to son.

Archetype: The self attained form fueled by a nexus-core. A planar singularity where all forms are merged into one point creating a celestial event. Divinity in the shape of knightly combatant, ivory and golden adorned embodiment known as the Archetype hails great change or destruction when he is present. Raikenzu is able to call on the full power of his nexus-core(his soul transcended) at a moment’s notice, but refrains from doing so unless an occurrence of great importance is at hand. His Xetaken is often imbued with the power of his “supersoul” when he embodies the Archetype, transforming it into the heavenly sword Aetheredge. While remaining consciously aware of his actions during this state, divine protocol is more than likely followed in order to minimize needless destruction and casualties if such power is awakened and maximized versus a threat.
Name: Raikenzu Graves / XRO-EP-F12

Title: The Embodier

Height: Five-Eleven

Weight: Fluctuating

Gender: Male

Race: X.E.T.A / Harlequin

Form: Twelve

Personality: Take Caution

Weapon: There's so many..

Traits: Precise and businesslike during battle

Strength Scale: T1-URM to T1-PC Unrestricted

Marital: Laila Tainingen-Graves

Age: Limitless
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